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Tips To Keep In Mind While Travelling Solo – Learn About Our Package Deals

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Solo travelling

Learning how to solo travel is a truly life-changing experience for many. There are ample of Norfolk Island deals for numerous travellers who prefer going out alone on a peaceful and serene adventure of a lifetime. Package holidays to Norfolk Island offer a wide range of experiences for people of all age groups, whether travelling solo or with loved ones.

Channers On Norfolk offers the best Norfolk Island deals for solo travellers to leave the busy world behind and relax in the timeless beauty of their new favourite place on earth.

Why consider solo travel to Norfolk Island?

Solo travel offers numerous benefits over other forms of tourism; you are living on your terms, you get to do what you want, and interacting with people is a choice. Apart from these primary benefits, travelling alone can also have some life-changing effects on your personality.

Norfolk Island holidays attract many solo travellers mainly due to it’s remoteness and proximity with nature. The island has numerous secret coves, beaches, walking hikes and much more that allows you to wander or get lost in nature, a wonderful learning experience.

People who travel alone gain a new perspective, confidence, self-dependence, minimalism, compassion, flexibility, self-control and patience. Overall, they become great global citizens, problem-solvers, risk-takers and thrill-seekers.

Since Norfolk Island encompasses highly varied landforms, spectacular views, coral reefs, historical convict ruins and endemic flora and fauna, there is a little something for everyone. You can choose to spend your time doing whatever you love away from the rat race. Here are some things you would love to know and explore about Norfolk Island.

How to safely travel to Norfolk Island alone?

Anyone travelling alone, irrespective of gender or age, should always be prepared to take care of any unplanned situation or accident. It is preferable not to depend on the local support entirely and it is always a great idea to be prepared for anything in advance.

1. Manage Your Finances.

Saving up for the trip? Want to get a rough estimate of package holidays to Norfolk Island? Please take a look at our latest holiday packages.

2. Planning and Execution.

You do not need hectic schedules or filled itineraries to have a good time. The best thing about solo trips is setting your own pace and spending time as you wish. It is better to plan for such trips in advance but also ‘going with the flow’ while you are there.

Planning and Execution

Need to customize your solo holiday to Norfolk Island? Please get in touch with us.

3. Solo-Friendly Accommodation.

Modern, comfortable, homey, private, quiet and yet in a very safe environment is what you can expect from the various accommodation facilities offered by us.

4. Pack Light or Pack Smart.

When travelling to Norfolk Island you simply need to pack items for relaxation and always remember to pack layers. It can be a little cool after sunset, so adding an extra t-shirt under your clothes is simple. Depending on the time of year of your travel you will find it best not to pack too much as it is an island afterall. You do not have to pack anything formal, just comfortable.

Please read our Norfolk Island Travel Guide to know what to pack on the solo trip.

5. Personal Protection and Safety.

Norfolk Island is one of the safest places you could choose. It is very freeing to not have to lock your car or be concerned about anything untoward. It is a step back in time where you never used to have to lock your house when you left for the day. It’s just so nice not to have any concerns to worry you from start to finish of your day. Relax and enjoy yourself.

How to enjoy a solo Norfolk Island holidays?

It is easy for some people to enjoy travelling alone without any effort; others have to use certain tricks to get in the solo travel groove. Once you get used to the solitary travelling experience, you may actually prefer it.

1. Use Your Imagination.

Visualising your trip in advance is a brilliant tip for confused, undecided, and unsure prospective travellers. Thinking about how you want the solo trip to be, the things you want to do, the places you want to explore, the people you hope to meet, etc., will help you plan better and avoid getting cold feet at the last moment.

Are you planning a solo holiday to Norfolk Island? Here are the top destinations that must be on your list.

holiday to Norfolk Island

2. Become An Extrovert.

Don’t be shy. Instead, learn to smile and speak out if you need help. Chatting with strangers and locals can often be life-enhancing and you can also end up picking up some new skills.

3. Get Local Advice.

Getting local advice from people living in the area can direct you to prime spots and locations most travellers wouldn’t know. There’s no one better than a local to ask for help or get accurate directions or tips.

4. Make Flexible Plans.

Making rock-solid travel plans accounting for every minute of your holiday is not a wise move. Extra time gaps left in your itinerary allow for an evenly spaced and calm experience for travellers to take their time to take in the sights and smell the roses. A flexible travel plan also offers ample time to explore certain things or places the locals suggest.

5. Explore With Patience.

A new place away from home can be overwhelming for someone who is not used to it all. It is better to give yourself some time to get oriented, take a breath, and explore the new place for a while. Once you find yourself well-rested and well- oriented with the nearby areas, it’s time to get started on your solo holiday.

For your ease, here are some exciting things to do on Norfolk Island for solo travellers.

6. Wine and Dine as a Local.

There’s no better way to get the authentic feel of the place you’re visiting than eating and drinking as a local. You can discover some of the best places, cuisines and drinks by tapping into the local lifestyle. Enjoy only the freshest produce and with paddock-to-plate cuisine style.

Wine and Dine as a Local

7. Learn To Navigate.

Knowing how to navigate and orient in an unfamiliar place based on provided directions is something every traveller should know by heart. Use landmarks to reach your destination.

Package holidays to Norfolk Island include automatic cars for freedom and a smoother travel experience.

8. Share Your Passions.

No matter which sports you like or what hobbies you have, you can always find people who share your passion. Chatting with them can also help you figure out new things about your favourite activity and pick up new tricks to show off back at home.

Travelling alone is undoubtedly the best way to discover yourself as it offers the chance to explore all your strength and weaknesses. Get in touch with us to find out more about our exciting Norfolk Island deals and packages.

Solo travel to Norfolk Island can be a picture-perfect plan for someone who does not like crowded tourist attractions or hectic itineraries. If you are that someone, book now!

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