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Deal with us Directly or with an Aussie Travel Agent

Using onlline booking sites - where does the money go?

The commission we have to pay does not go into the Aussie economy

but straight to the USA!

Please book directly OR through an Aussie Travel Agent

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Booking sites are convenient, of course, and often offer you personal benefits.   

However, we are the ones who ultimate pay for those benefits by paying commission on your booking.  They are just the middle man and have mega marketing budgets so it is impossible to compete against them as a single property.

They are generally owned by just 2 big USA based conglomerates.

By all means, use the sites to find the accommodation you want but then contact the property directly, or use an Aussie Travel Agent, so the money stays within

Australia at least.

This is an appreciated kindness :

Thank you!

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