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About Norfolk Island Holidays - Channers On Norfolk

Kerri-Ann and Steve Brooks are the team at Channers. Both are customer service professionals and are committed to making your stay memorable. Stay with us and you'll enjoy "the rest of your life".

Kerri-Ann and Steve Brooks

What's In A Name?


Emillie had a varied and interesting life. She spent the war years working as a nurse in a French hospital for which she was later awarded the Badge of Honour. She was also known to be involved in the women's suffragette movement in Britain and took part in the famous march from Brighton to London.


Emillie and Arthur Channer settled on Norfolk Island in 1929. Their place of residence was called Pacific Cottage but now carries their name "Channers On Norfolk".  Arthur died shortly after their arrival but Emilie (being 35 years his junior) spent many happy years on the island.


Emillie died on Norfolk Island on 24th June 1968 aged 80 and the main homestead is the centrepiece of a much larger complex, though we still receive reports of Emillie who is sometimes still seen wandering the grounds and the house, no doubt searching for her sweetheart Arthur.

About Norfolk Island Holidays
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