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Kingston Convict Area and Emily Bay, Norfolk Island

Any Australian Can Live On Norfolk Island


Previously there were definite barriers for Australians and New Zealanders to come and live.  A complicated permit system made it difficult for individuals to migrate to the island and discouraged investment. This is no longer the case!


In an effort to refloat the economy and become as self sufficient as possible, the barriers have been removed. You can invest in a business or property or simply live on the island.  It's an ocean of possibilities now for new investors, families, retirees and workers. There is no need to apply for any residency as it is regarded as moving simply from one part of Australia to another.  Simple.

Affordable real estate choices for sale such as investment properties, established long term businesses and other great commercial ventures. Rent your home out for part of the year and use it for a holiday home for the rest. Norfolk Island welcomes anyone ready for a sea + tree change!

Flying times to Norfolk Island from Australia
Tourist Map of Norfolk Island

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Norfolk Pine Needles close up

You awake to the sounds of distant crowing echoing up the valley.  You take a moment to shake off the best sleep you've had in years and slowly smile as you realise you are waking on de bes seid on earth - Norfolk Island. 


As you lie there soaking in the freshest air and listening to the sounds of nature surrounding your bedroom windows, you ooze total relaxation and serenity.  You contemplate the day ahead and dreamily head into a solar generated hot shower and relish in the eco choices of this house - this home.  The home which is yours to enjoy now that you've made the best decision of your life - to move to the unknown, a paradise. 


You remember back to the daily grind of life before Norfolk Island and wince at the thought that you endured it for so long.  The rush of the morning routine only then to sit in a traffic jam all the way to work with everyone in such a hurry and with no concern for anyone outside of their  personal bubble. Here, it is a pleasure to commute the simple 5 minutes with genuine waves from all who pass by.  You find yourself smiling without realising it and you remind yourself how clever you have been.  You arrive at work, set up for the day, open the doors and the world seems brighter somehow. 


The visitors to the island are smiling too.  They are happy to be here and you secretly wish they could all embrace the idea of joining you if they just knew how simple it was to make the move.  There was no red tape - just like moving to any place in Australia.


The day progresses easily and your mood continues to stay upbeat the entire time, another bonus that you haven't felt since you were a child. You enjoy your work and the living is easy.  You hop back into the car to return home and decide to detour to Kingston on the way.  You turn the corner and the vista in front of your eyes is breathtaking - again.  You have visited this area so many times now but each time it still takes you aback.  There doesn't seem to be a soul around so you relish the chance to scrunch the sand between your toes - how decadent.  Life is good.


This could be you!  Residing on Norfolk Island has never been easier.  We enjoy a wonderful climate with long shoulder seasons and the temperatures year round are very liveable.  The rent/purchasing of real estate is value, we are part of the Australian Tax System which gives you all the normal benefits - Medicare, Social Services and so much more!  We have great services such as health services, education from Kindy to Year 12, our own police force + AFP, Australia Post and all the services and utilities you could need.  It is only a 2 hr flight to visit family, or have them visit you and you can keep in close contact via Whatsap and email without any concerns.  The lifestyle is very relaxed, the community is very friendly and welcoming and the essentials are very healthy and organic. 


Enticing?  Of course.  When you weigh up the pros and cons you will always find their are more pros to living in such a wonderful place.  Feel welcome to ask any questions and visit the various resource sites to find out more.

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