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How Does Your Garden Grow?

When you enter Channers On Norfolk the first thing you notice is the bird noises. English Blackbirds, Rosella's, Partridges, Whiteyes and many more. The next thing is the coolness and serenity due to the combination of shade trees and expansive lawns. The Kentia Palms sway gently and you spot some Paw Paws and Oranges you earmark for later. Our banana grove is bursting with fruit and you can taste that banana smoothie already. From your deck you are engulfed in the surrounding vegetation and you relax instantly.


You spy an interesting plant and enquire what it is. You are told it is an endemic plant called a Broad Leafed Meryta, only to be found on Norfolk Island. You think it could have come straight from the time of Dinosaurs.

Glorious Sub-Tropical Gardens
Beautiful Garden Norfolk Island
Norfolk Island Gardens
Channers by the C garden surrounds
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