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Eco Friendly Activity At Channers On Norfolk

Channers On Norfolk Is Committed To Conservation and Environmentally Friendly Practices.

We are island leaders in energy conservation and recycling.  We do this by:


  • Utilising solar panels to harness the sun's energy for the bulk of our electricity consumption (instead of using 'dirty' electricity from the island's diesel generators).

  • Growing our own fruit and vegetables (available seasonally to all of our guests)

  • Not just recycling all cans, glass, plastics and cardboard, but being clever and reusing things. Did you know that crushed egg shells keep the snails away from your flowers? What about converting plastic bottles into wasp traps or planters for seedlings?

  • Keeping our own chooks (eggs available to guests depending on the mood of the chooks).

  • Storage and filtration of fresh rain water straight to guest units. We are proud to be one of the few properties that do not rely on island bore water.

  • Low wattage bulbs/LEDs

  • Worm Farm - Our worm castings and worm juice is a concentrate fertiliser for our gardens.

  • Compost tumblers x 4 - Every six weeks our compost is spread throughout our gardens enriching the soil, encouraging flowering and protecting the roots.

  • We use fresh island produce and support island businesses where possible.

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