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  • Can I bring food items to Norfolk Island?
    Yes. You can bring all commercially packed food items excluding fresh fruit and vegetables and honey. If you have a favourite food bring it along as it may not be available on island.
  • Will my apartment be air conditioned?
    No. Air conditioning is banned on Norfolk Island due to the size and nature of our central diesel power station.
  • Who is Norfolk Island's airline?
    Currently Qantas services Norfolk Island 6 times a week. From Brisbane on Tuesday, Thursday and Staurday and from Sydney on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Please visit for more information or give Channers a call or email.
  • Will I be met at the airport?
    Yes. When you come out of the main doors go to the Baunti Tours desk on the other side of the zebra crossing. You will be greeted by a lovely staff member who will ask where you are staying - when you say Channers they will mark you off their manifest and give you a half day tour voucher, then direct you to their transfer bus. We will be at Channers on Norfolk ready to meet you at the other end ready to settle you into your accommodation and sign you up for your vehicle.
  • Does Norfolk Island have 4G capability?
    No. Currently most places on Norfolk are connected to satellite NBN. Your wifi connection at Channers will only work on the Channers property. Your wifi is free at Channers and we use Starlink which gives you an excellent quality and speed.
  • Is Norfolk Island part of Australia?
    Yes. Norfolk Island is an external territory of Australia (since 1914) and uses Australian dollars and laws.
  • Do I need a passport to get to Norfolk Island?
    No. The Australian government has made it possible to get to Norfolk Island with picture id, although a passport is desirable. Because departure is from the international terminal there is a dedicated departure point for passengers to Norfolk.
  • What can I do on Norfolk Island?
    Hiking, buswalking, swimming, snorkelling, dining, relaxing, touring...and much more. Drop into the Tourism Information Centre and get a list of 100 things to do on Norfolk Island.
  • What is the weather like?
    Norfolk Island is located in a temperate zone which translates to mild summers and winters and long spring's and autumn's. It can still be quite cool on the clifftops and beaches sometimes so ight layers are recommended. February and March are the most humid months.
  • Where is Norfolk Island?
    Norfolk Island is located between New Zealand and New Caledonia on the Norfolk Ridge. It's latitude is 29 roughly equivalent to Ballina on Australia's east coast. Flight time is approximately 2 hours from Brisbane and Sydney.
  • How Is Channers On Norfolk Rated
    Because the Star Rating system went out of business and has since been repurchased by another company Norfolk Island accommodation properties haven't been rated since 2013/14. We have decided that instead of being part of a system that is outdated we will self rate based on our own assessments and guest feedback and reviews. Our assessment includes unit appointment and renovations undertaken. Through this criteria we have decided to award Channers a three and a half pine tree rating which we think will give potential travellers a solid rating foundation to base their travelling decisions on.

Frequently Asked Questions

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