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Why is Norfolk Island a perfect destination for History Lovers?

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Convict-Ruins--Norfolk Island

The Norfolk Island History is fascinating and deserves a closer look. From music to folklore, you will be amazed to experience several festivals and events celebrating Norfolk Island's cultural importance and traditions. Whether you are a history lover or architectural admirer, the heritage and history of Norfolk Island will never let you down.

For many people, a visit to Norfolk Island is an unmissable opportunity to visit a small oceanic island and explore the history and culture of the region. This tiny, pine-covered Isle is rich in historical and cultural significance for Australia.

Polynesian Settlement

The history of Norfolk Island is filled with amusing events. However, it's still unknown in which century Norfolk Island was first inhabited; some clues suggest the history of Norfolk Island was formed by Polynesians, who arrived on the island during the 14th or 15th century. These people stayed on the island for around 200 years.

Researchers have found evidence of their existence in stone tools, hatchets, the remain of a canoe, wood carvings, and plantain trees, which they left behind for future generations to explore. Most of their artifacts were found in a shallow dip near Emily Bay. This beach is a great swimming spot, and you can take glass-bottomed boat tours from there. Polynesian artifacts are displayed for the public and tourists in the Norfolk Island Museums. You can visit the museum by purchasing a Museum Pass that includes unlimited access to 4 museums.

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The British & Norfolk Island

The British have had a strong influence in crafting Norfolk Island History. In 1774, Captain James Cook first saw Norfolk Island, which was settled by the British in March 1788, six weeks after their first fleet arrived in Sydney, Australia. He thought its towering pine trees would make good masts for the British Navy and that the rampant flax could be used for rope making or sails. He claimed the island for the Queen and later named it Norfolk Island after the Duchess of Norfolk.

Despite the tree's tall stature and wide knotholes, it didn't prove easy to use them for ship masts. The only other resource for the people was flax, and no one knew how to process it into cloth or rope. The British government sent two Maori men to teach the new settlers to make flax ropes, however, without success. There's a lot to explore and know about the history of Norfolk Island that can be found by planning a history tour to Norfolk Island with us for a fabulous experience.

Norfolk Island was used to incarcerate the most dangerous of convicts. Convicts from Norfolk were hardcore recidivists and often double-convicted of capital crimes in Australia. These men were sent to Norfolk Island as the harshest punishment of the time.

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The Pitcairners

The history and culture of Norfolk Island are fascinating. The locals are proud of their heritage, and it is not difficult to imagine the people living on the island enjoying their life. Norfolk Island was offered to the descendants of Pitcairn Island to live in 1856. They are the descendants of the Bounty mutineers and their Tahitian wives and were sheltered in the deserted convict buildings in Kingston initially. After a short time, they settled on a fifty-acre grant and began to build farms and homes. They cleared the native forest and developed a culture of self-sufficiency.

The land is beautiful, and the people are very friendly and welcoming. The Kingston and Arthurs Vale Historic Area or KAHVA is a reminder of their presence. On 1st August 2007, KAVHA was included in the World Heritage List. The area and ruins of KAHVA are open to visitors to explore at their own pace. If history and heritage fascinate you, Norfolk Island Tours is just the right thing for you. Reach out to us for some fantastic deals on accommodation in Norfolk Island.

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barnabas chapel - norfolk island

Heritage of Norfolk Island

The island's people share a common heritage. The children attend a public-school curriculum from the mainland, though traditionally, they move to the mainland for further studies after year 12. The local community is a great place to experience the culture and history of a unique island. There is something for everyone in the history of Norfolk Island.

20th Century History of Norfolk Island

During World War II, the construction of an airfield on Norfolk Island made it a place of strategic significance between the air force bases in Australia and New Zealand and the Coral Sea. After World War II, the airport was converted into a commercial airport, making it easier for people worldwide to visit and experience Norfolk Island's rich heritage and history. It helped in strengthening the island's economy.

On 31st January 1986, the first section of Norfolk Island National Park & Botanic Garden was sanctioned. Later in 1996, the Philip Island section of the park was proclaimed. To protect the oceanic wonders around Norfolk Island, the Norfolk Marine Park was also established.

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More About Norfolk Island

The Pitcairn descendants living on Norfolk Island speak a dialect of English and Tahitian. The population of Norfolk Island is friendly and welcoming, and the telephone book lists residents by their nicknames. There are no public transportation facilities on the island, so it's best to rent a car.

There are numerous species of sea creatures that live on the island. Among them are migrating humpback whales, turtles, and dolphins and you might even see a few sharks while you're there. Contact us right now for a memorable experience on Norfolk Island. We offer the best Norfolk Island holiday packages for you and your family.

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