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Best Places to Enjoy Your Stay on Norfolk Island

There are many things to do when planning a trip to Norfolk Island. From museums to art galleries on the island and a World Heritage convict site, you'll never run out of options at Norfolk. The Island was once a British penal colony, and you can tour some of the historical buildings that are now the World Heritage Sites. Whether you plan a relaxing holiday with your family or a cultural experience, Norfolk Island will have something to please everyone.

If you are planning your holidays in Norfolk Island and looking for the best accommodation in Norfolk Island, you’ll never regret planning your stay with Channers on Norfolk as we offer the most competitive and customer-centric Norfolk Island holiday packages. Please connect with us to know more about our accommodations and services and how we can make your stay on Norfolk Island a memorable one.

Why Choose Channers on Norfolk for your Stay on Norfolk Island?

If you plan your holidays at Norfolk Island, think of none other than Channers on Norfolk for your accommodation in Norfolk Island. With comfortable rooms and a homely environment, we also make sure to offer you the best-guided tour assistance to the best places on Norfolk Island. Read along to know more about us and how we can help you get the best holiday experience on Norfolk Island:

Types of Accommodation We Offer:

All accommodations have private verandahs and grand dimensions, are very comfortable, and offer a true home away from home. When you plan your stay on Norfolk Island with us, you get to choose from these fabulous choices:

  • Ground Floor One Bedroom Gardenside Apartments

  • Ground Floor Two Bedroom/Two Bathroom Gardenside apartment

  • Upstairs Two Bedroom/Two Bathroom Ocean View Apartment

  • Three Bedroom/Three Bathroom " Channers By The C" Ocean View House

Being one of the oldest residential buildings (120+ years) on the island, the front house sets itself apart and is full of charm. While staying with us, you’ll enjoy the utmost hospitability and comfort. Whichever accommodation choice you go with, it also includes,

  • FREE Hire Car including insurance

  • FREE half-day island tour

  • FREE airport transfers

  • FREE wifi, Netflix, and Alexa

Perks and Benefits of Staying at Channers on Norfolk:

The perks and benefits our valued customers get while booking their stay with us are matchless. We offer,

- Best Norfolk Island holiday packages & deals

- Half-day island introductory tour

- Oceanview and garden apartments and house

- 24X7 access to customer support

- Free WiFi, Netflix & Alexa support

- Guided tour assistance

- Extremely safe and secure

- 24 Hrs Onsite Guest Laundry and much more!

Nature and Scenery View We Offer:

The natural beauty of Norfolk Island is second to none. The landscape is stunning, featuring dramatic seascapes, towering majestic pines, and rare species of birds. From snorkeling to hiking, relaxing, touring, sightseeing, nature exploring, and much more, you have endless options to do and experience on Norfolk Island. While you're on Norfolk Island, we ensure to make your visit a memorable one.

Flexible in Fulfilling Customer's Needs

We have arranged Norfolk Island holidays for senior citizens with great success for many years now. From late check-outs to guided touring assistance, we ensure to offer some of the best services to our valued customers. We understand your needs and are very flexible about fulfilling them and strive to provide our guests with unforgettable experiences.

Below discussed are some of the best places to visit you must include in your Norfolk Island tours:

World Heritage Sites

The World Heritage Sites at Norfolk Island include Kingston and Arthur's Vale Historic Area, which is home to convict sites. This diverse site is multi-layered, set within a bucolic coastal landscape, and comprises essential natural systems. The sites are open to the public for free, although there is a small entrance fee for the Norfolk Island Museum and Research Centre. In addition to the museums and archaeological sites, the island is home to a vibrant community. If you plan your stay on Norfolk Island, visiting these World Heritage sites should be on your itinerary.

Fletcher's Mutiny Cyclorama

The Bounty mutiny was a famous maritime event, and the Fletcher's Mutiny Cyclorama at Norfolk Island will immerse you in the history of the Island. Its 360-degree panoramic painting will immerse you in history and bring the events of the Bounty mutiny to life. In addition to the history of Norfolk Island, the Cyclorama will provide you with a great deal of information about the people of the Island. Whether you're visiting Norfolk Island for the first time or you've visited Norfolk Island before, you'll be engrossed in the history of the mutiny and the people of Norfolk Island.

Colleen McCullough's House

You might have heard of Colleen McCullough's house, but how many have you seen it? It is one of the Best Places on Norfolk Island that you must visit and experience. In this home, the neuroscientist and acclaimed writer Colleen McCullough were surrounded by a collection of priceless artifacts and an extensive library. McCullough herself created several of the paintings in the house. A tour of the house is the perfect way to spend some time and get to know this famous Australian author.

Norfolk Island National Park

The National Park is home to diverse bushwalking, hiking, and trekking trails. The Summit Track connects the highest hills on the Island, and you can enjoy the spectacular 360-degree view of the surrounding Island from here. Another option is the Bridle Track, which offers a scenic forest walk. Palm Glen Circuit Track winds through lush rainforest and giant ferns. It must be included in your Norfolk Island Tours.

Norfolk Island Botanic Garden

While you plan your stay on Norfolk Island, don't forget to add Norfolk Island Botanic Garden to your itinerary, as this Island is unique in its Flora. Many of the ferns in the Norfolk Island Botanic Garden are believed to be indigenous to the Island, even though they are not native to the Island. These plants differ significantly from their New Zealand counterparts in many ways, including their habitat, which supports the notion that they are native.

The Hilli Goat

If you're going to visit and stay on Norfolk Island, be sure to check out The Hilli Goat Farm and Tour. You will be welcomed by the owner with some delicious farm-to-table lunch. You can also sample some of the locally produced Hilli Goat cheese. A visit to this adorable farm is not to be missed! Here, you can meet the goats and enjoy a delicious lunch! The Hilli Goat in Norfolk Island is not only home to the Island's iconic cheese but also to some of the Island's most unique food. It is a great place to visit if you're looking for a getaway from the everyday grind.

Norfolk Island Annual festivals

One of the best ways to enjoy your stay at Norfolk Island is to visit their annual festivals. If you're looking for something fun and different to do during your holidays, the Annual Festivals at Norfolk Island will provide you with plenty of ideas. The community-based arts society has organized these events for many years, showcasing talented performers from New Zealand and Australia with a Pacific twist. It is one of the best events you should attend on Norfolk Island. We hope you'll enjoy them! And if you haven't yet, you should.

Plan Your Holidays at Norfolk Island

If you're planning to visit & stay on Norfolk Island, you must make sure you rent a car. There's no public transport on Norfolk Island, but you'll get a car rental if you buy a package that includes a rental car. Despite the fact that the island is unspoiled, you'll find a plethora of activities to suit every budget. The best way to explore Norfolk Island is by taking our guided tour along with our Norfolk Island accommodation. You'll be able to see a variety of attractions in a single day, and you can also plan your activities accordingly. It's hard to imagine a more idyllic place in the world.

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