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The Best Time To Visit Norfolk Island is NOW!

Updated: May 14, 2022

Depending on your preference, the best time to visit Norfolk Island varies from November to April. The island experiences less rainfall, more sunny days, and pleasant temperatures between these months. February and March are the hottest months for swimming and snorkelling. November to January are pleasant spring months and offer beautiful sunny days.

Keep reading to know more about the best time of year to visit Norfolk Island:

Climate & Weather

Norfolk Island has a subtropical climate, and the weather remains relatively temperate throughout the year. The island experiences a wet winter from April to August and dry summer from September to March. The wettest month on Norfolk Island is July during winter with daytime temperatures hovering around 20 degrees. October is pleasant and a great time to visit. The island averages about 1312mm of rainfall annually, with monthly long-term means ranging from 130 to 147mm.

If you are looking for a rain-free trip, the best time to visit Norfolk Island is from September to November. The island is a popular destination over Christmas/New Year but early December may not be as crowded. However, you can always visit any time of year. If you're looking for a beach holiday, a great time to visit the island is during the summer.


The climate on Norfolk Island is generally mild, with temperatures ranging from 20 degrees Celsius during the day to 16 degrees Celsius at night. The coldest months are July and August when temperatures reach as low as 13 degrees Celsius. The island experiences about 114 days of precipitation each year, which is not too bad for a subtropical location. This island receives between forty and thirty-seven inches of rain on average.

The best time to visit Norfolk Island for most people is October through March. This time of the year has less rainfall and pleasant temperatures. In October, temperatures are around 20 degrees Celsius. However, be aware that rain and windy weather may occur at any time. The climate can change rapidly, so you should pack light, comfortable clothes that you can wear year-round. It is advisable to bring a light jacket if you plan to go sightseeing on Norfolk Island.

You can also visit Norfolk Island between April and June during its drier seasons. However, the rainy season lasts for the same amount of time, so the climate is still very pleasant even if you don't want to visit in these months.

Wind & Humidity

Although Norfolk Island is not very cold, it does get humid at times. On average, the temperature changes stay within a range of seven to nine degrees Celsius throughout the day. During the winter, winds are generally south to southwest. However, during the spring and autumn, the winds become more uniform. Regardless of the season, Norfolk Island is a comfortable travel destination.

If you are looking for more compelling reasons to visit Norfolk Island on your next holiday trip, keep reading! You can also contact our team for more info.

Festivals & Events

Food lovers should not miss the Norfolk Island Food Festival, which features local produce and international cuisine. The event is held at the World Heritage-listed KAVHA site in Kingston. Tickets include a buffet-style lunch, a dessert table, and wine or soft drink on arrival. There is even a surprise visiting chef! You can experience the Norfolk Island food culture firsthand by attending the festival, which takes place every November.

On June 8, Norfolk Island celebrates Bounty Day, a day that marks the arrival of their ancestors from Pitcairn Island. The event attracts hundreds of tourists who come to witness a re-enactment of the landing on this cherished holiday. Many locals wear traditional outfits and Bounty hats to pay tribute to their ancestors. Afterwards, they sing the Norfolk hymns like the Pitcairn anthem and John Adams Prayer.

Travel in Summer

If you love nature, then travel to Norfolk Island this summer. You'll find this quiet paradise with its rocky coastline and rolling green hills dotted with the tall Norfolk Island Pines. If you're in the mood for food, several delicious restaurants serve locally-sourced fish and tasty local fare. Try the famous fish fry if you're looking for a great meal. It's the perfect getaway from the stresses of everyday life.

Pack light and avoid bringing too much of your belongings. If you're planning to explore Norfolk Island, you'll also want to pack for hiking and exploring the island's national parks, convict ruins, and beaches. Wear comfortable walking shoes. It's also worth taking along your favourite snacks which you just need to declare when you arrive.

Travel in Winter

If you're visiting the island in the middle of winter, you'll be glad to know that it's not too cold! The climate on Norfolk Island is a subtropical one, with temperatures ranging from 16°C in winter to 24°C in summer. The island's climate is so comfortable year-round that you’ll find locals swimming on the beaches anytime! And if you're lucky, you can take advantage of special deals on winter activities and accommodation in Norfolk Island packages. But if you're not sure you can make it to the island in the middle of winter, don't fret because there are still plenty of special occasions to enjoy.

The Best Time of Year To Visit Norfolk Island

The best time of year to visit Norfolk Island depends on the activities you plan to do. January, February, and March are ideal months to visit. However, December is also a good time to visit Norfolk Island if you're looking to spend some time on the beach. A sunny day is a must for those who love to spend time by the sea. The climate is temperate year-round, with a wet winter from April to August and a dry summer from September to March. The water temperature is warm enough to swim. Water temperatures are comfortable all year-round, making swimming and surfing enjoyable. The island also has its own time zone, running one hour ahead of AEST.

Get in touch with Channers on Norfolk and book your package holidays to Norfolk Island today!

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