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Norfolk Island: 15 Facts You Might Not Know

Norfolk Island Facts

Norfolk Island in the Pacific Ocean is located close to New Zealand, but it is a territory of Australia. The island is one of the popular tourist destinations that is frequented by visitors from across the world.

If you intend to travel to Norfolk Island, then you need to know all about the island. Channers on Norfolk will help you plan your visit and have a great time during your travel.

Here, we present interesting Norfolk Island facts that you have probably not heard of. Go through these facts, and you will definitely want to visit this lovely island for a great holiday.

Norfolk Island Facts That You Didn’t Know

1) There are less than 2000 residents on this island

Norfolk Island has a total area of around 14 square miles, i.e., 35 square kilometers. The population of the island was 1,748 as per the 2016 census. It is a small island that is not highly populated. The island welcomes visitors, and tourism is the main revenue earner on the island.

2) The island has its own language

Norfolk Island may territorially be a part of Australia, but it has its own language. Islanders speak a local language called Norf’k. The language has been created by blending 18th century English with Tahitian. The language is unique to the island.

Here are some Norf’k phrases that you can note:

  • Wataweih to say ‘Hello.’

  • Watawieh Yorle to ask ‘How are you all?’

  • Kushu to say ‘Good.’

  • Bootiful means ‘beautiful’ (that was easy

3) Cows have the right of way

On this island, cows have the right of way and not cars. This is an important local law you shouldn't break. Make sure you give cows a way to avoid breaking the law.

4) You have to hire cars to travel

You can walk around the island to explore it. The best way is to get a car on hire and drive around the island. There is just one taxi on the entire island, and getting it may not be easy. You must also know there is no public transport on the island. Keep this fact in mind when you visit the island.

Our Norfolk Island holiday packages include a fully insured automatic vehicle for your convenience. Contact us to know more!

5) It was a penal settlement for convicts

Australia was initially a penal settlement for convicts sent from England. Norfolk Island was one of the places where these convicts were housed. The period from 1788 to 1856 was when convicts were settled on this island.

6) Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state here

The head of state of Norfolk Island is Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. The island belongs to Australia, and Australia recognizes the queen as its head of state. The governance of the island is taken care of by an administrator. The island officially falls under the Federal Government as an external territory.

7) Its capital is Kingston

Kingston is the capital of Norfolk Island and the governance center of the island. Kingston has a very interesting background as it is the second oldest town in entire Australia and was founded 6 weeks after Sydney.

8) You can experience spring almost the entire year

Norfolk Island has excellent weather, which is why tourists flock to this island. It has a pleasant climate with sufficient sunshine and is almost spring-like throughout the year. There is rain to keep it so green but it is mostly sunny.

9) It has its own flag

Even though Norfolk Island is not an independent country, it has its own flag. The flag has a white stripe in-between two green stripes. In the white stripe is a Norfolk Island Pine tree that originates on the island.

10) Bounty Day is a holiday on the island

The islanders celebrate a public holiday on the 8th of June. This day is called Bounty Day. In 1856, the Bounty Mutineers landed on the island. Until that time, the island was a penal colony. From that date onwards, it became a residential island. This is why this day is celebrated with a feast and a ball.

11) The island is known for fresh produce

The islanders grow their own fresh produce and are developing their importing as well. However, there are strict rules on importing fresh fruit and veggies to protect the island’s ecosystem.

Our Norfolk Island accommodations are a short walk from cafés, restaurants, and shops of Burnt Pine, the "Town Centre" of the Island.

12) The island has a unique phone book

Phone books have the names of residents with their phone numbers. This is a common practice everywhere. Norfolk Island has something different. It has a phone book with the nicknames of people. It is located in the ‘Faasfain’ section of the phone and lists the nicknames of people.

13) A popular holiday is Thanksgiving

The island follows the American tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving as a day of celebration. It is celebrated on the last Wednesday of every November. It is celebrated to honor an American trader named Isaac Robinson, who introduced cornbread and pumpkin pie to the island. There is no turkey for the celebrations, but roast pork and dishes made from banana are on the menu.

14) Fishing here is called catching

You don’t fish on Norfolk Island but catch fish. There is an abundance of fish, making fishing a great activity to do.

15) The island has no snakes

A very interesting fact about Norfolk Island is that there are no snakes on the island allowing tourists to enjoy trekking safely.

Now that you have gone through all these facts, it is time to plan a visit to the island. Explore various Norfolk Island deals from Channers On Norfolk and choose the best one for your holiday! You can look through our Norfolk Island holiday packages that allow you to spend a great holiday on the lovely island.

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