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Things you would love to know and explore about Norfolk Island

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Things to do on norfolk island

Seven days is not enough” is the constant cry of the visitor after their Norfolk Island holiday draws to a close, all too soon. Steve and Kerri-Ann Brooks hear this phrase every week at their very own perfect Norfolk Island accommodation property. They made a sea change almost 13 years ago from Brisbane and have never looked back. They love living on such a slice of paradise and are the perfect hosts for your first (or fourth, or fourteenth) holiday in Norfolk Island.

Channers On Norfolk is perfectly located at the Kingston end of town on a ridge before the island falls gently towards sea level. It affords fabulous views of green grassed valleys to a deep blue Pacific Ocean. They have honed their skills to offer everyone travel deals that are second to none and are able to match you with the best holiday you have ever enjoyed. Everyone is different as to what they would want and they actually listen and are ready to help.

Tailor-made holidays are not easy to achieve but, with their vast experience, they really know how to deliver to you the experiences you crave for the best holiday packages. Want to relax? Or would you prefer to be on the go all of the time? On Norfolk Island we deal in experiences, not just “things to do” and here is a list of their ‘not to be missed’ experiences whilst on Norfolk Island.  

1. Australia’s Oldest Convict Ruins where your Ancestry is Alive

The First Fleet arrived to Australia in 1788 and a small group of soldiers and convicts started the first settlement on Norfolk Island just 6 weeks later. This was such an important part of Australia’s history to help establish Sydney by supplying food and supplies whilst Sydney was first being established.

Many Australians can trace their heritage back to that that very first group of visitors to Norfolk Island with a legacy that can be explored first hand. Steeped in history, good and bad, the World Heritage Listed Kingston and Arthur’s Vale is an absolute ‘must see’ for any Australian. It is free to enter and wander the ruins at your leisure and with a backdrop of the beautiful coastline, it excites your imagination as to what life must have been like for a convict sent to the notorious Norfolk Island. The museums are very professional and full of amazing artefacts. It is a truly sobering experience to wander through at your leisure.

2. Fletchers Mutiny Cyclorama - A truly world class tourist attraction known simply as “The Cyclorama” by the locals.

You will not be prepared for the wonder of this fully immersive story-telling experience. More than two years in the making, the Cyclorama will transport you back to the days of epic oceanic voyages and cruel men. Taste the salt and feel the grains of sand between your toes as you travel from the docks of England to the far and distant shores of Pitcairn and Norfolk Islands. An applaudable artistic representation of the story of the Mutiny on the Bounty which is an important background to part of the culture on the island today.

3. A sunrise or sunset swim or paddle in heavenly Emily Bay.

For one of the most beautiful and emotional experiences you will have is to immerse yourself in the healing waters of Emily and Slaughter Bays. These two tranquil lagoons are laterally encrusted with coral, full of reef fish and highlighted by a fine white powder sand. As the sun rises or sets the light reflects off the water and surrounding hills and Norfolk Pine trees to envelop you in a warm golden glow. You won’t forget it.

4. Rainforest and clifftop walks.

Find yourself alone in a silence that is stunning at first and comforting and relaxing thereafter. Just you and the wildlife that includes flora and fauna only to be seen in this part on this tiny island. The giant ancient Norfolk Pines tower above you as you listen to birds flying high above. The massive tree ferns seem to have been there since the island formed. There are many National Parks walks and clifftop walks for all levels of fitness. Our Norfolk Island holidays include personal assistance in working out places of interest to explore with maps and local information.

5. Paddock to Plate Fresh Food.

The best holiday packages always include great food and our Norfolk Island holidays are no different. Experience fabulous restaurants and clifftop dinners and compliment your evenings with great company and excellent service.

Channers on Norfolk include picnic sets and can help arrange hampers as the perfect way to live like the locals and make the most of Norfolk’s stunning scenery during the daylight hours.

Become a Norfolk Island hunter-gatherer of fresh food daily. . Foraging as you drive around the island will produce magic meals you can prepare yourselves. It has never tasted better! Stop at one of the many ‘honesty boxes’ selling fresh fruit and vegetables in season as well as fresh eggs, jams, pickles and sauces. This, complimented by our great local food outlets and traditional butcher shops, will have you rushing back to Channers on Norfolk to cook up your local fare in your apartment or at one of the BBQ areas.

6. Philip Island Trek or Fishing Charter or Around the Island Mini-Cruise

For your holiday in Norfolk Island we have the perfect suggestion for putting some adventure back into your life. A Philip Island Trek, Fishing Charter or even a subdued mini cruise around Norfolk Island are all great ways to experience Norfolk Island’s bounty from the sea.

When you step off the boat onto nearby Philip Island you can look back to Norfolk Island and marvel at its natural beauty.

Fishing is called ‘Catching’ by locals because you never miss out on as many fish as you can haul into the boat. What about a stunning sunset fish fry to savour your fresh catch and watch the sun dip into the Pacific Ocean to end the perfect day. We have you covered with expert advice on the best locations.

Perhaps you do not need to take things a little easier but still enjoy the views from the sea. Around the Island cruising is another way to see nature at her best looking at the craggy cliffs, towering rocks as you skim along the aqua blue of the Pacific Ocean.

7. The Shopping – Best Bang for your Buck

The difference between Norfolk Island Holidays and other island holidays is the abundance of things to do. Specialty shopping at duty free prices can tempt even the strictest of budgeters who will notice the quality shoes, jewellery or Lego on offer and snap up a bargain. Travel deals are our speciality and we know who can give you the best value – just ask.

8. Secrets

Every holiday destination has its own secret spots and Norfolk Island is no different. But how do you find them? We can point you in the right direction to make your holiday experience different and unique to the average traveller. How about a secret walk where you can discover an ancient pine struck by lightning and see Norfolk Island Green Parrots and Robins or, for the more adventurous, a private tidal rock pool that is surrounded by ocean but protected with tall rock walls enjoyed best at low tide. The best BBQ or picnic areas are off the beaten track and only discoverable if you have local knowledge on tap. There are no traffic jams only Cow jams where eager visitors stop to take a snapshot of the meandering bovines as they wander freely on the roads and all over the island.

9. Norfolk Island is a registered “Night Sky Sanctuary”.

With one of the clearest night skies of anywhere in the world it is a unique and interesting way to spend an evening marvelling at the stars with little to no light pollution to obscure your view. Feeling a little more daring? Chasing ghosts down at the World Heritage Listed convict ruins area will be sure to get your heart thumping, especially if you venture into the graveyard or one of the well-known haunted sites.

10. Activities anyone?

Golf, swimming, snorkelling, bowls, fishing, hiking, outrigger canoe racing, kayaking, geo-caching, clay target shooting, archery and so much more. There is so much to do on a fabulous Norfolk Island Holiday.

Enjoy your very own Norfolk Island Holiday that is unique and comprehensive, contains the flavours and offerings that only Norfolk Island can deliver along with expert advice from your very own personal locals. It is the memories of how you felt on your holiday that you will cherish and our Norfolk Island package deals are the best.

Norfolk Island holidays have you covered with ample museums, cultural experiences, natural wonders and shopping to leave you wondering why you only booked seven days. It just isn’t enough!

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