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A Guide To Travelling To Norfolk Island – What to pack?

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

holiday to Norfolk Island

So you have made the decision to travel to Norfolk Island for your well-deserved escape. You have researched your destination choice, reviewed and chosen your preferred accommodation option, checked out the Norfolk Island tours you would like to book, read up on the local attractions, the history, the beauty of the island and, bang, it’s all booked. That’s terrific! Well done!

You sit back and smile at how clever you were and how much you are looking forward to the visit in a few months time and you just can’t wait. It’s a very exciting time – the planning part – but there’s just something you haven’t given much thought about at this stage: what do you pack?

A holiday to Norfolk Island is something you have been considering for the longest time, and now you are on your way – sooner than later. You will be able to tick it off your ‘bucket list’ finally and there will be so many memories – but what should you take?

things to pack


You will be pleasantly surprised to find that that a holiday to Norfolk Island was one of the best things you’ve ever done and it was so easy. The island is located roughly in line with Ballina on the norther NSW coast so, weatherwise, it is pretty darn good, all year round. In summer it doesn’t generally go above 28 degrees and in winter it doesn’t go below about 13 degrees overnight. So packing for all possibilities is actually a breeze.

All things considered…

With a 23kg baggage allowance per person each way you need to leave some room for your duty free shopping.

Bring a light jacket as sometimes the weather can get a little windy.

Think of layers – pack a few extra t-shirts to put on under your clothes if it is cool and take off if it is warm. The temperature will drop when the sun goes down so those layers will be handy.

It is very dark at night as there are only 4 street lights for the whole island, so torches are a great idea for night walks (or use your phone torch).

On the other hand, it can be very sunny during the day and, as there is no layer of pollution at all as there is in a city, the sun is very direct so be careful and pack a hat and some good sunscreen. It can catch you without blinking and you do not want sunburn for any reason on a holiday on Norfolk Island.

Don’t forget your camera as there is a “Kodak” moment right around every corner.

Norfolk Island has a chemist and a hospital but be sure to pack enough medication for your entire stay and maybe bring a spare script, just in case.

Any Norfolk Island holiday or Norfolk package deal requires you to supply a passport or photo identity such as a drivers licence. Don’t forget these important items when you travel and have them ready at the airport for check-in.

norfolk island holidays

There are loads of fabulous walks through National Parks and Reserves, around the Kingston convict ruins, along the beach and many more places, so bring a good pair of walking shoes.

Dress is casual at all restaurants and cafes so do not waste valuable suitcase space with formal wear.

On a Norfolk Island holiday it is good to be prepared, but don’t over-prepare. There are plenty of resources in case you think you might have missed something so a lot of things are actually already on the island.

An item that you probably will be automatically wearing is your watch, however, this may not be of any use for your Norfolk Island holiday! After you arrive you will officially be on “Norfolk Island Time” which just means no matter how long something takes, everything will be ok and will work out in the end. When you get there, you get there, so no need to rush or check that watch regularly – take it off and leave it beside the bed – it’s very freeing. Of course that doesn’t mean you should be late for your plane!

Travel overseas without going ‘overseas’


Travel to Norfolk Island is a truly an ‘international experience’ but it is actually domestic so it’s an overseas holiday right here in Australia.

The first surprise is that you will travel from the International terminal from Sydney or Brisbane – currently a surreal experience to say the least in these strange post-Covid times. The terminal will be virtually deserted at the moment - no snaking lines, no waiting, no food outlets open, however, surprisingly the beloved duty free area is indeed open, ready and waiting. However, our tip is to wait until you arrive onto Norfolk Island as you might not realise that the entire island is duty free. Great discounts are offered to travellers and the duty free shopping is a surprising bonus. Favourites are alcohol, shoes, handbags, cigarettes and other surprises. Take some snacks with you on the morning of your flight to eat inside the terminal before your flight – you’ll be grateful for that bit of advice!

Food, glorious food

Food, glorious food

Another travel tip for your holiday on Norfolk Island is to bring along some of your favourite grocery items in your check-in luggage. You are allowed to bring any food items onto the island except for fresh fruit and vegetables. Sometimes grocery items can be a little expensive on the Island due to the freight costs involved so pack some of the things you eat regularly at home. There is no Coles or Woolies or Aldi on the Island.

Norfolk Island has plenty of fresh fish and beef and lots of seasonal vegetables so please bring your appetite. Remember you can cook for yourself in your self-contained apartment or avail yourself of one of our terrific eating establishments.The best holiday packages are the ones where you have the flexibility to try different things and not be locked into one type of food or location. Norfolk is all about trying different things and you should be careful not to restrict yourself to a Norfolk Island holiday deal that doesn’t allow you the opportunity to try different restaurants and Norfolk Island tours. After all, you want to pursue exciting adventures on your Norfolk Island holiday!


holiday in norfolk island

Pack a light jacket or rain jacket, t-shirt layers, your medication, your favourite snacks or foodstuffs, sunscreen, passport or drivers licence, good walking shoes, camera, phone, Aussie dollars and a great fun attitude. Everything else you need you will find on the island plus a bunch of friendly locals who will do everything they can to make sure you have the best Norfolk Island holiday possible.

What are you waiting for?

Being a little prepared, living the island life on Island Time while you are there and having some idea now of what to expect is all part of your planning process. You are now truly ready to make that easy step to hop on that plane and start actually enjoying all that planning in real time! We’ll see you soon.

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