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A Seniors Guide to Holidaying on Norfolk Island

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Norfolk Island holidays for Seniors

Has the pandemic made you feel that you are under house arrest sometimes? Are you a senior citizen feeling cooped up in an imaginary safety bubble? The COVID-19 crisis has certainly altered the way we live. Now that the vaccines are available, people are feeling the aftermath of a long staycation at home, especially the seniors. For them, here’s a guide to Norfolk Island Holidays for Seniors. Sounds heavenly, right?

Package holidays to Norfolk Island can be your chance to get out, explore, experience, and excite yourself amidst one of the most serene and pristine spots of mother nature. A cozy little Australian landmass in the South Pacific Ocean, Norfolk Island is headlined by giant pine trees, jagged cliffs, sandy beaches, reef-protected waters, national parks, museums, UNESCO World Heritage Site and much more.

A holiday to Norfolk Island offers something for everyone, no matter your preferences, and is a must-do kind of trip when there’s nothing you love more than nature’s utopia.

Traveling anywhere for senior citizens can be relatively more troublesome but it does not mean that Norfolk Island Holidays for Seniors cannot be arranged. Norfolk Island holiday packages are designed to be effortless and entertaining for every age group. Channers on Norfolk offers premium package holidays to Norfolk Island, expertly curated to suit your exact travel objectives.

For seniors seeking a tropical getaway in a sweet serene location, Norfolk Island may just be the perfect little piece of paradise. The cozy island is brimming with value for any seniors who wish to have an exciting and adventurous holiday with stunning scenery, luxury accommodation and rich cultural background. We have compiled for you a list of great reasons why a holiday to Norfolk Island should be on the top of your to-do list.

A Local Piece of Paradise

Norfolk Island is located in the South Pacific Ocean, only a short two-and-a-half-hour flight from Brisbane or Sydney. Proximity is a plus point, but the island is an external territory of Australia, i.e., travel to Norfolk Island is deemed to be domestic travel. Hence this beautiful island is always accessible for all Australians, even if international travel is restricted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Just book a Channers on Norfolk holiday package, get your ticket and fly! Read our blog on destinations that should be on your visiting list – Check this out!

The Feel of Luxurious Holidays

Norfolk Island accommodation for seniors is comfortable, diverse, and meant to blend intricately with the idyllic subtropical landscape. Channers on Norfolk allows you to choose from a wide variety of luxury apartments and holiday homes with spacious gardens and ocean views, where you can sit back, put your feet up and take in the breath-taking views of wonder, without man-made intrusions and high-rise eyesores to block your view.

holiday to Norfolk Island

A Sub-Tropical Wonderland

Pristine seashores, coral reefs, astounding green reserves, and vibrant wildlife are all part and parcel of living in the subtropical heaven of Norfolk Island. The beautiful sandy beaches protected by corals are some of the best spots to enjoy the sunrise and sunset views, go snorkelling with the fish, take a cool and relaxing dip or enjoy surfing in the non-stop waves, or just lay down and get tanned on the sand.

Guided inland walks are the best part of Norfolk Island holidays for Seniors to come face to face with and appreciate the diverse endemic wildlife, including some of the rarest birds, flowers, and tallest ferns.

holiday in Norfolk Island

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Culture Filled Up to The Brim

The island delivers on its promise of an intense historical culture where seniors and history fanatics can experience first-hand the carefully preserved multi-venue museums, galleries, and archives dotted around the island. The stories of the initial Polynesian seafarers, hardened British convicts, and descendants of Bounty mutineers are beautifully captured and conserved to enrich the island’s layered cultural identity. The many historically relevant buildings spread all over the island need to be felt in person to acknowledge the rich heritage sincerely.

Paddock-to-Plate Cuisine

Norfolk Island deals in an abundance of organic produce and freshly caught fish to quench your cravings. The entire island is a hub for mouth-watering cuisine. Sometimes, the locals even invite visitors under their roof to help them experience local food and feel the spirit of community. From artisanal dining in lovely settings to fish frys on clifftops, from classy cocktails and high tea to locally brewed craft beer, Norfolk Island’s dining and drinking scenes are as distinct, wholesome, and inspiring as the natural surroundings it sports.

Golfing On a World Heritage Site

Located in the south eastern corner of the island, the Norfolk Island Golf Club is one of the only golf courses on the planet situated within the boundaries of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Set amidst towering pines and edged by the coastal waters of Cemetery Bay, the golf course is almost unrivalled around the world for its breath-taking natural scenery and offers jaw-dropping views from every hole. Don’t let the scenic beauty lure you into a deceptive sense of athletic confidence because the 9 holes are certain to give you a fight for your money with thick grass, ball-deviating gusts of wind, and short unforgiving greens. In a nutshell, a must-visit place for seniors looking to hit the green and tear the turf on a truly unique golf course.

Norfolk Island Holidays

Anything You Want, Anything You Need

Channers on Norfolk offers a myriad of hospitality and other essential services in their package holidays to Norfolk Island to ensure a comfortable and hassle-free holiday experience for seniors. Fully insured automatic hire cars, expert healthcare professionals, hospital, post office, free Wi-Fi, guided tours, grocery stores, organic farmer’s market, and so much more are available for your fancy, making your stay here a truly wonderful and elegant experience.

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Most people who travel to Norfolk Island share their common experience of feeling like they time-travelled into the past. This easily accessible South Pacific Island has turned out to be an extremely friendly travel destination around the globe due to its huge abundance of natural marvels, rich cultural heritage, and comforts. With adventure and fun, authentic organic produce, paddock-to-plate dining, ocean view accommodation, historical tours, candlelit dinners, nature walks, and much more, the arrangement for Norfolk Island holidays for Seniors is bursting with exciting opportunities and occasions for all who are yearning for a subtropical getaway in these troubled times. We work round the clock to ensure a memorable holiday experience for senior citizens looking for the thrill of adventure.

The only major concern of planning your holiday in Norfolk Island is its duration. Although a small subtropical island, the sheer number of things to take in and experience complicates a simple job of deciding the holiday duration to the levels of rocket science. Some of the toughest decisions that tourists have to make are related to duration, the list of activities on the itinerary, and which of them to do first. With so many things to experience, a week may seem like a good start but is often not nearly enough for visitors. Some have to return with unfinished business and regrets, some extend their stay for a while, and others just downright fall in love and keep coming back to paradise.

So come on down to this little piece of paradise on Earth where the South Pacific charm and familiarity, the stuff of legends, are still present and accounted for. Fly out to the spot where every soul is connected to their natural surroundings, has the time to press pause on life to talk, wear their heart on their sleeve, and leave their doors open for all. Believe us, you won’t time travel back in time, just to a better time.

We proudly welcome you to one of our favourite destinations on the planet. Our dedicated team of travel experts is at your service to help you plan and execute Norfolk Island holiday packages tailor-made to suit your exact holiday needs - everything you need to enjoy the holidays of a lifetime thoroughly. Want to arrange Norfolk Island holidays for seniors or maybe arrange it for your parents? Just get in touch with us at Channers on Norfolk. Your paradise awaits!

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