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Exciting Adventures On Your Norfolk Island Holiday

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Norfolk Island Holidays


Experience fishing like you have never before. Your adventure leaves at eight o’clock in the morning with the launching of your fishing vessel, Norfolk style. Your boat is winched off the pier and swung out over the ocean before being lowered slowly into the water all the while with you in it! After travelling for a short time to the best locations only locals know about, you won’t start fishing, you’ll start catching! Norfolk Island holidays are all about adventure and this is surely the best way to get out onto the water and experience life the way it should be. As soon as your line hits the bottom you will start reeling in your dinner, actually enough dinner for your entire stay if you so wish. You may even be lucky enough to see dolphins and whales on your adventure. Your local captain will tell you all about the sights and you will see basalt towers of rock and arches you can drive right through. The most sought after fish is Trumpeter or Sweetlip as well as Kingfish which can be caught by trawling. One of the biggest thrills of a Norfolk Island holiday is pulling in and eating your own Kingfish.


At the end of the day the fish will be cleaned and the sharks will be fed. All of the tourists and locals gather at the pier to view the days catch and barter or trade for fresh fish for dinner. These Norfolk Island tours can be booked directly with the fishing operators or with the help of your accommodation hosts. So, Holiday Norfolk Island.  


Norfolk Island holiday and package deals always include free entries into all of the national parks. Of all the places you can visit for free this is one of the best. Several tracks reach right out into the ocean close enough to smell the salt in the air and experience the beautiful vistas. There are challenging walks and beautiful strolls for all levels of fitness, some through old growth Norfolk Pine forests and some along clifftops. Often you will be the only person on the trail and the silence is perfect to listen out for the rare birds of Norfolk Island, especially the Green Parrot. Even the best holiday packages can’t buy this sort of freedom. So, Holiday Norfolk Island.

Philip Island Trek

Philip Island Trek

One of the many adventures that many people like to do on their Norfolk Island Holiday is to venture out to Philip Island. These treks are not for the feint hearted. Philip Island lies about seven kilometres off the main island and is only accessible by boat. There is no pier so it is necessary to jump onto the rock shelf and scramble up the rise using ropes for assistance. Once you have reached elevation, however, the island offers a pristine serene landscape that is very different from the Norfolk Island holiday experience. Almost a moonscape, often covered with nesting sea birds with its own ecology to marvel at and enjoy. You will experience a Norfolk Island tour not many do and the pictures and stories you will come away with will make you the envy of your friends. Don’t forget you really do have to have a reasonable level of fitness for this one. So, Holiday Norfolk Island.


Only offered periodically and like many other Norfolk Island tours only for good weather, kayaking is a Norfolk adventure at its best. Paddling around the towering basalt structures will make you feel tiny in comparison. The pristine blue azure of the ocean will contrast gorgeously with the emerald green and orange cliff faces and white sandy beaches. So, Holiday Norfolk Island.

Rock Pools

Another form of adventure apart from the standard Norfolk Island tours is shimmying down a cliff to find the secret rock pools only locals usually get to. Crystal Pool and The Chord are two such spots that are large deep pools that contain coral and fish but separate from the ocean it borders onto. The water is cool and so clear it belies its depth and if you time it right, the ocean will break over the walls of the pool and fill it with foam giving you a veritable bubble bath. Be careful only to visit these spots at low tide. So, Holiday Norfolk Island.


Norfolk Island is not usually thought of as a great diving destination but, with excellent visibility and knowledgeable dive operators, your diving experience will be on a par with those best in the world. So, Holiday Norfolk Island.


Though Emily and Slaughter Bays offer the best and safest swimming there are many beaches all over the island and some only accessible by foot. Once again when you seek out these incredibly beautiful spots you may just be the only person there. Why not hire a surf board or body board and hit the beach like a local. Snorkels are usually for hire or free from your accommodation and Emily Bay offers such a great array of undersea life for you to explore. So, Holiday Norfolk Island.

Mini Mokes

Instead of just hiring a boring old hire car for your Norfolk Island holiday or instead of booking a car with your holiday package deal why not hire a Mini Moke. They are fun and will make your island holiday feel like it is full of adventure. They come in a variety of colours to help to personalize the experience. So, Holiday Norfolk Island

Bird Watching

Norfolk Island Birds

With some of the worlds rarest and most beautiful birds Norfolk Island Tours don’t come any better than the bird watching tour. Crimson Rosellas, Red Robins, Terns, Boobies, Tropic Birds and the ever rare and elusive Green Parrot, Norfolk’s very own native parrot. The tour guide know everything there is to know about these beautiful birds and these tours are the best way to enhance your Norfolk Island Holiday. So, Holiday Norfolk Island.

Bike Riding

You can hire push bikes through your accommodation or bicycle hire shop in Burnt Pine shopping village and get moving around the island in a very different way. Norfolk Island is an extinct volcano so is very hilly and offers a great workout for experienced cyclists. Just watch out for the cows and the chickens! So, Holiday Norfolk Island.

Ghost Chasing

Do you really want to get your blood pumping? Why not go down to the convict ruins after dark to look for ghosts. You will feel the chills as the ocean wind blows through the eerily lit convict ruins making you spin around half expecting to see a convict or overseer trudging along the road rattling their chains. Some of the most haunted places in Australia exist here and you will see why. This is also a great spot for star gazing as there are no pesky street lights to ruin your view. So, Holiday Norfolk Island.

Just Holiday Norfolk Island and find the adventure that you crave. There is nothing like it and that is why people return again and again to experience the island in their own way and in their own style.

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